More than 30 rural Fijians comprising of eight households in a farming community in Lagalaga in the district of Nadogo will now receive consistent water supply.

This is after the Commissioner Northern’s Office assisted the community with a 10,000 litre water tank replacing the community’s old water tank which has been leaking for some time.

Act. Commissioner Northern, Mr Alipate Bolalevu said the project was identified to assist rural communities have a proper and consistent water supply.

Funded under the Ministry’s self-help program , Mr Bolalevu emphasized that  the project was identified by the community in consultation with Government.

“This is one of the six rural water  projects to be implemented in the province of Macuata this year. It involves the purchase of a 10,000 litre water tank together with pipes and other accessories.”

Mr Bolalevu said Government is committed to addressing water problems in rural communities and that they will try their very best to improve the situation faced by these communities.

53 year old Arun Deo, a resident in the area on behalf of the community expressed gratitude to Government for the timely assistance.

“We are very grateful for Government for the assistance. We now have a consistent and a proper water supply as compared to the past,” Mr Prasad added.

Mr Deo also recalls the times when the community used to experience intermittent water supply. He also highlighted that sometimes women could not do their household chores because of water cuts.

“Now, all those will be a thing of the past,” Mr Deo said.

More than 10 water projects was implemented in the province of Macuata last year which costs Government a little over $110,000.00.


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