No one should defy the will of the people – President


President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau stressed to the members of parliament today to always uphold democracy as there is no justification whatsoever to defy the will of the people.

In a strong message during the opening of the new parliament session, the President said the people have already spoken through the elections on who they want to govern the nation until 2018.

Ratu Epeli told the parliamentarians that if people fail to condemn these illegal actions, it will cast doubts upon those people on whether they truly believe in democracy.

The President stressed that the people involved in the seditious acts should be subjected to the full force of law.

He said the RFMF also has the constitutional duty to protect Fiji and her people.

He called on all members of parliament to support democracy as they have sworn the most solemn oaths to protect democracy.

The President also said he is proud and privileged to have been instrumental in bringing the 2013 constitution to being.

He said he fully endorses Constitution Day as we have one of the best constitutions in the world.

Ratu Epeli stressed that people’s rights are well protected in the Bill of Rights and we have equal citizenry for the first time in the 2013 constitution.

He said we must all be committed to celebrating Constitution Day in our country.

Ratu Epeli also said that he has made it his number one priority as President to engage with the young people.

He told the parliamentarians that the younger generation has no interest in listening to the voices of division and fear mongering as they want to build one Fiji.

Meanwhile the President highlighted the legislative program for the new parliamentary year.

He said new laws that are likely to come to parliament include a Code of Conduct for public office holders, Freedom of Information, National Switch, Public Health Protection, Consumer Protection, Security Credit Transactions, Disabled Persons, Child Care and Protection, Child Justice, Adoption, Community Based Corrections, Volatile Substance Abuse, Aquaculture, Sugar industry and Kava.

Some of the laws that will also be substantially reviewed include the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, Public Enterprises Act, Public Service Act, Police Act, Land Transport Authority Act, Mining Act, Consumer Credit Act and Financial Management Act.


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