Northern schools unite for wellness program

CAPTION: School heads from the Northern division during the conference. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Close to 70 Schools from Vanualevu signed an Endorsement and Understanding with the Action for Children and Aged (ACATA) Trust Fiji in their effort to initiate wellness programs in schools in Fiji.

The Understanding was signed at the Macuata Bua Headteachers conference in Labasa in regards to the ACATA School Health and Wellness Policy.

The School Health and Wellness Program is a Vodafone World of Difference Initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

The Executive Director of ACATA, Rosan Lal said that the Schools provide an excellent health promotion opportunity for children, teachers, families and their communities in an effective and efficient way. This is possible through the adoption of the rightly presented ACATA Health activity plans and as is endorsed by the Ministry of Education in its ongoing efforts to improve childhood nutritional & behavioural changes and academic performance.

“Under this joint programme, the School is committed to establishing a healthy learning environment that positively influences students’ general well-being, eating behaviours, physical capacity and learning ability to succeed academically. This commitment will provide all students with the ability to participate fully in the educational process and to develop lifelong health habits that positively contribute to disease prevention for all Fiji Citizens.”

“It is the intent of this policy to enable students to become independent and self-directed learners by taking initiative to meet their own health and nutritional needs as is developmentally and individually appropriate. This wellness policy is intended to influence a student’s actual eating behaviour that result in lifelong healthy food choices.”

“The School will establish guidelines consistent with Fiji National Food and Nutrition Centre standards. Menu and product selection shall utilize student, parent, staff and community advisory groups whenever possible.”

“Nutrition education topics shall be integrated within the sequential, comprehensive interdisciplinary program taught at every level.  The nutrition education program shall focus on students’ eating behaviours and child growth & development and be consistent with National health education standards/guidelines/framework and ACATA led healthy practices,” said Mr Lal.

Under the ACATA Policy the School will support parents’ efforts to provide a healthy diet and daily physical activity for their children.

The School should encourage parents to pack healthy lunches that:

–          Include fresh fruits and vegetables,

–          Limit high fat or salty foods,

–          Include healthy snacks in appropriate portion sizes,

–          Include water, or 100% natural juices in appropriate serving sizes


The School shall offer healthy eating seminars for parents and send nutrition information to homes through its CSO and health partners.

Healthy living skills shall be taught as part of the regular instructional program and provides the opportunity for all students to understand and practice concepts and skills related to health promotion and disease prevention.

The School will establish a School Food Garden to contribute to children’s knowledge of healthier eating by offering children the chance to experience growing food and to understand where food comes from. It also provides an opportunity to involve parents and strengthen home–School links. 

The School will declare classrooms, offices and school hall smoke alcohol and drugs free. 

The School shall provide a supportive environment that includes guidance, counselling, and School social work services that encourages students, families and staff to request assistance when needed and links them to School or community resources.

The School shall provide a coordinated program of accessible health advice to students and staff that shall include violence prevention, School safety, communicable disease prevention, health screening, including Body Mass Index (BMI), community health referrals, sanitation & hygiene and immunizations for infection control, parenting skills, first aid and other priority health education topics.  The School shall actively develop and support the engagement of students, families and staff in community health and wellness promotion activities and events at the School or throughout the community.  “Gracing Health and Ageing for better Living”

The School shall provide information about wellness resources and services to staff and establish a staff committee to assist in identifying and supporting the health, safety and well being of School staff.

The School shall form mHealth Clubs linked to technological advancements to share health tips and wellness ideas with teachers, parents and students. So as to share health and wellness related topics effectively and efficiently.  mHealth *979# subs to enable students and families to communicate with doctors or early signs and symptoms of diseases with Dr SMS doctors.

The following Schools in the North took up the challenge:

  1. Adi Elaine Primary School
  2. Baravi Primary School
  3. Batnikama Primary School
  4. Bocalevu Muslim Primary School
  5. Boubale Primary School
  6. Bua District School
  7. Bua Primary School
  8. Bulavou Primary School
  9. Bulileka Sanatan Dharm Primary School
  10. Cadranasiga District School
  11. Coboi SD School
  12. Coqeloa Sangam School
  13. Daku Primary School
  14. Dama District School
  15. Dogotuki District School
  16. Domonisau District School
  17. Draladamu Primary School
  18. Dreketi Primary School
  19. Druadrua Island School
  20. Duavata District School
  21. Kia District School
  22. Koriwiri Tovata Primary
  23. Korokadi Primary School
  24. Korotari Arya School
  25. Korotolutolu Primary School
  26. Korowiri Tovata Primary
  27. Kubulau District School
  28. Labasa Primary School
  29. Lagalaga SD School School
  30. Lekutu District School
  31. Lutukina District School
  32. Mali District School
  33. Maunidevu Sanatan School
  34. Nabekavu Primary School
  35. Nadi District School
  36. Naduna Arya Pathshala
  37. Nagigi Primary School
  38. Naikelikoso Primary School
  39. Naleba Primary School
  40. Namuka District School
  41. Namuka I Cake Primary School
  42. Naruwai Village School
  43. Nasarwaqa Primary School
  44. Nasasa District School
  45. Naseakula District School
  46. Navoalevu Primary School
  47. Nawaca/Wairiki Village School
  48. Nubu Primary School
  49. Qelemumu Primary School
  50. Ratu Emeri Catholic Primary
  51. Ratu Luke Memorial School
  52. Seaqaqa  District School
  53. Seaqaqa Primary School
  54. Solove Primary School
  55. St Augustine Public School
  56. Tabia Sanatan Dharm School
  57. Tabicola Valibar Sangam School
  58. Vudibasoga Catholic Primary School
  59. Vudibasoga Primary School


  1. Vunicuicui S D School
  2. Vunimanuca Primary School
  3. Vunimoli Islamia School
  4. Vunivau Sanatan Dharm School
  5. Vunivutu Primary School
  6. Vuya District School
  7. Waibunabuna Primary School
  8. Wainikoro Public School
  9. Wavuwavu Primary School
  10. Yadua Village School


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