O'Ahu Ley Line Template Majestic and a rich Hawaiian cultural resource

Akin O’Rono presents numerous ley line examples for the Island of O’Ahu. The nature of these ley lines and Secret of the Heiau unfolds amidst a haunting memory of a national tragedy.

Secret of the Heiau Working FinalThe main character, Rono Kino, has begun to teach his young grandson the problems and feelings of pride and satisfaction of being Hawaiian.

He teaches the importance of learning the scholarly discipline to understand how the Heiau were built on straight lines to one another.

These alignments were sacred because they honored the stars that guided the first people to Hawaii.

The premise of the existence of multilayers of ley line models of O’Ahu is easy to understand. The navigational stars that brought the first people here once here didn’t need these stars for navigation anymore.

These navigational stars were turned into calendar stars. Stone temples aligned to notable landforms where these stars rise and set were built so that knowledge would never be lost.

The backdrop to revealing this never before published information follows the angry psyche of a self proclaimed time keeping kahuna. His participation in a ancient ritual gone awry brought to that point by the Hawaiian – Military – Japanese investors conflict is a key issue in the Secret of the Heiau.

Sheer coincidence saw the fruition of this ritual and greatly disturbed and saddened an entire nation. This format shows the gamut how Native Hawaiian feelings towards the disclosing of sensitive information runs a continuum of simmering hate to the grandiose feeling of Aloha. Hawaii has the concept of earth, man and sky working together for the good of all. This is called Lokahi. Lokahi is the realm of Aloha.

There is no room for simmering hate in Lokahi. The Secret of the Heiau demonstrates no matter how much darkness rules the hearts of men, the all encompassing feeling of Aloha has the capacity to flush the heart clean. The power of Aloha can shine truth how people treat their neighbors. Wishing them ill will could mean anything.

Aloha could mean mild affection to the elusive passionate love between lifelong mates. “True love of any kind is not an easy thing. Loving your neighbor is not easy, but it is the best thing we all can do for one another.”

Akin O’Rono just finished a 13 year gig where 20K+ Japanese weddings were blessed with his prayers and wedding music. First coming to Hawaii on December 21, 1975 he has composed hundreds of songs.

He has one digital album entitled: Original Hawaiian Wedding Songs http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaelakin As a credentialed food safety and environmental health specialist, he has worked in the background to help food service establishments and other businesses remain compliant to sanitation, safety and environmental health rules and regulations.

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