Pacific’s fastest man celebrates in style


The Bau bullet , Banuve Tabakaucoro clocked 10.33 seconds in the 100m finals breaking Jone Delai’s record of 10.34 seconds.

Tabakaucoro celebrated his 21st birthday in style on Wednesday after winning the 100 meters final and breaking the event record in the Pacific Mini Games in Wallis and Futuna, Not only that the sprinter claimed one more gold medal for the nation today in the 200m final.

While, Jone Delai’s national record of 10.27 seconds set in 1997 still stands, Suva Grammar school student Francis Kirikirikula won the bronze while Kupun Wisil of Papua New Guinea came in for silver.

Meanwhile, team Fiji is currently in 5th position on the medal tally with 7 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze where Papua New Guinea is leading with 17 gold, 12 silver and 19 bronze with New Caledonia in second position with 14 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze while Samoa in position third with 13 gold 3 silver and 7 bronze.

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