Strengthening partnership with various stakeholders will be the key focus for Government in ensuring that all Fijians get access to clean and quality water source.

This was relayed by the Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities Timoci Natuva while officiating at the International World Water Day held at Nausori today.

“Water is a commodity that is important to everyone and as we all bear witness to, it is a necessity of life whether we are in the urban centres or in the rural areas,” the Minister said.

“Our government resolves to move Fiji towards a “Water Saving society” ensuring that water is available to all in our country,” Colonel Natuva said.

Minister  Natuva highlighted that the proper use of saving water in this generation will ensure that this resource will be sustainable and available to cater for the needs of our Fiji citizens.

“The concept of water saving means that people and communities have reliable and adequate access to water for their respective needs and are able to take advantage of the different opportunities that water resources represent,” Colonel Natuva said.

Meanwhile, government is working on its commitment to reduce half the proportion of Fiji’s population using and improved drinking water source under Millennium Development Goals 7, 8.

“We currently have two Ecological Purification Systems piloted in Navatuvula and Kalokolevu, this EPS is modelled on the natural process of water purification,” he said.

Other initiatives carried out by government include working with the rural communities on the provision of providing tablet feeders for water treatment which is costing Government $60,000 a year.

New water sources have been developed to satisfy the public demand in urban centres of the Suva- Nausori corridor and Nadi- Lautoka corridor.

He acknowledged the services provided by Non-governmental organisations and developing partners towards educating maintaining and developing our people on the importance of this commodity.

The program for celebrations included displays from various organisations and competition organised for students.




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