Parvez Lakdawala and Adv Waris Pathan hosted Sehri Party

CAPTION: Waris Pathan With Parvez Lakdawala At Sehri Party.
Throwing lavish Iftar parties during holy month of Ramadan have become a trend. In Ramadan only Iftar is not the integral part of it but to start a day to keep a fast Sehri is the most important, now a day’s very few people host Sehri party, this trend has been started by Parvez Lakdawala (Member of MSME Government of India) along with Co-host Adv. Waris Pathan. Keeping up with the annual tradition of hosting a Sehri/Dinner Party during the auspicious month of Ramadan, a grand get-together where people from politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, and all walks of life turn at Sehri party. It’s an opportunity to interact with people belonging to all sections of the society.

In attendance were some of the most esteemed political leaders, businessmen and close family friends, amongst other invitees, which included Corporator Manoj Javdekar, Congress Leader Kripa Shankar Singh, Congress Leader Nasim Khan, MLA Baba Siddiqui, NCP Leader Nawab Malik, SP Leader Abu Asim Azmi, Asif Bhamla, NCP Leader Sanjay Patil who were seen sharing a common platform to grace the occasion showing respect and solidarity for all the traditions and festivals of India, who were treated to a traditional spread of delicacies.

Mr.Parvez Lakdawala with his son Nadeem Lakdawala (Member of steel Consumer Council Govt of India) and his family members along with Co-Host Adv. Waris Pathan with his family were seen attending each and every guest personally, until wee hours of the morning, till the time for Sehri ends around 4.00a.m.


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