Persons with Disabilities can contribute to Inclusive Disaster Preparedness

Pictured: Sam Vilsoni of the Fiji Disabled Persons Federation empowering participants in Nadave this morning.

Empowering persons with disabilities in communities will complement the mainstreaming of disability in disaster preparedness in communities and villages in Fiji.

“This concept is interesting as in the community we have only tried to stand up for persons with disabilities but this approach has taught me a lot on how we can better our approach to also empower persons with disabilities  while standing up for their rights in society”

These are the words of Unaisi Bakewa, the Tavua DPO representative who is part of the Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Management workshop currently underway in its second day at Nadave.

Inoke Ulutegu of Ra who lives with a physical impairment also shared his experience during disasters, stating that it is time persons with disabilities stood up for their rights.

“Standing up for your right as persons with disabilities is important and that we should also be advocates for persons with disabilities where ever we go,” he said.

The Fiji Disabled People’s Federation (FDPF) in partnership with the Pacific Disability Forum is now in the final phase of the Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Management Project. This phase includes the introduction of the disability disaster Toolkit.

The toolkit will be a guide for disabled persons organisation to advice disaster practitioners in ensuring inclusive disaster preparedness and risk management.

The three day workshop is being attended by persons with disabilities and their representatives from around Viti Levu.


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