Police Advice to Stop Violence


Members of the public are being advised not to resort to violence in dealing with their problems but to learn to control their anger.

This follows the high number of assault cases received throughout the divisions over the last 48 hours and continues to be a worrying trend.

Most of the assault cases are as a direct result of disagreements between neighbors while some have been alcohol related.

Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro said,”Police have been called to issue warnings to the offending party however it must be stressed the cases will not be treated lightly therefore people are being advised to refrain from committing such acts to avoid police action”.

Meanwhile, in the last 48 hours police received reports of 24 assault cases from around the country, from 31st August till yesterday the Eastern Division reported eight cases which were the highest, Western Division had six, Northern Division had five cases, three cases were reported in the Central Division while two cases were reported in the Southern Division.


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