Police concerned with high number of rape cases

The number of rape cases whereby the perpetrators are those in a position of trust to the victims continue to be of great concern for the Fiji Police.

Two reports have been received with investigations now being conducted to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice in light due the seriousness of offences, as per the directive into red alert response cases throughout the divisions.

In the first case a man is alleged to have raped a 10 year old girl of Wailoku. The suspect is the victim’s uncle. Investigations continue.

In another incident a 28 year old driver of Naulu has been charged with one count of rape for allegedly raping his 7 year old step daughter last month.

In another separate rape case received yesterday a 26year old man of Wainibokasi has also been charged with the alleged rape of a 14 year old student. The incident allegedly occurred on 05/01/13. The accused is expected to be produced in Court on 21/01/13. The two are neighbours.

Another worrying trend is the emergence of rape cases whereby the perpetrator is alleged to be a minor.

A case was received at the Tavua Police Station from health authorities whereby a 13 year old girl was allegedly raped by another 13 year old student sometimes last year. The accused will be brought in tomorrow for questioning. Investigations continue.

The Fiji Police is seriously worried as those in a position of trust continue to prey on the very ones they should be protecting.

The home and our relatives are the very ones we trust on a daily basis however some of these cases have shown that there are people who are capable of committing such crimes and completely breach that very trust leaving the victims in a situation whereby she feels traumatized for the rest of her life.

The psychological, emotional and physical effects a victim has to endure for the rest of her life is devastating to say the least which is why we are calling on men to respect the rights of women.

Rape is a violent crime and it robs the victim of their future. The Fiji Police needs everyone’s help to eliminate rape.


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