Police continue sea search

As the search for the missing 49year old education counselor enters its 6th day, the Fiji Police is truly appreciative of assistance given by the people of Lomaiviti.

However as the search resumed this morning a team headed by Officer in Charge Lomaiviti ASP Joji Nadavo who are diving off the Gavo passage opposite Nukutocia village have discovered some items of clothing believed to have belonged to the occupants of the capsized boat.

The search for the 49 year old is continuing with three teams of police officers assisted by villagers from Moturiki, Tokou and Levuka.

ASP Nadavo says the support of the communities has been overwhelming as they have willingly given their resources to help search for the 49yr old educational counselor in the hope of bringing some form of relief and comfort to his family.

“The people of Cagalai, Yanucalevu, Naseisara, Moturiki, Tokou, Levuka and nearby villages have been helping us since the events of Thursday night”.

ASP Nadavo says the people continue to show their support in different ways.

“Word quickly spread about what happened and from day one the Moturiki district representative has been accompanying us and aiding with the coordination of the search”.

“For most of us we would only meet during the Fiji Police community visits and therefore we are truly greatful that they continue to assist in the search”, adds ASP Nadavo.

The three teams are continuing their search in and around the Gavo passage and will conduct a review of operations in the afternoon.


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