Police escort students back to school

A number of students have been escorted back to their schools by the truancy patrol team after they were found in Suva without valid reasons for the month of June.

Commanding Officer Central Division SSP Tevita Waqabaca says students continue to be seen in the city areas during school hours.

“There have been 21 students found in internet shops and while we’ve had to escort some students back to their schools, majority had provided proof of release to conduct research for their projects”.

To date, 21 students have been found in internet cafes, 36 found hanging around in town and 6 were found in billiard shops.

“We came across a few students in billiard shops and had to escort them back to their schools and have had discussions with the shop owners to monitor students especially during school hours”.

The high number of students that continue to be seen in Suva has prompted a new directive whereby all police officers have been tasked to take up the role of truancy officer and enquire with students who are seen in town during school hours.

“We will continue to police this issue because students should be in school during school hours and not be in town loitering around without the knowledge of their parents or teachers”.

SSP Waqabaca says they will continue their visitations of internet cafes, billiard shops and in general in town.

“The partnership of these internet and billiard shop operators is vital and that is why we continue to have meetings with them and stress this issue”.


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