Police find bodies of missing duo in river

The bodies of two people who were found in a river between Nasasa and Vakabalea, Navua yesterday have been identified.

They are Krishna Sami Naidu and Ella Joan Blakelock who were reported missing on 21st June 2013, and were last seen leaving Lautoka on the night of 19th of June. The deceased’s both of Capture Fiji were found inside vehicle registration FG 762.

Their car is believed to have gone off the road, bumped the edge of the bridge before plunging into the river. The vehicle sustained extensive damage to the front portion with the windscreen shattered.

Investigations are now exploring all avenues as to determine the timeline of events that led up to the accident.

As investigations continues the Fiji Police is urging motorists to be cautious in light of the current weather situation. Speeding continues to be the leading causes of road fatalities and there needs to be a more concerted effort by drivers to practice safe driving. Passengers are also urged to intervene if they find drivers are putting their lives at risk and advice us accordingly.

Driver fatigue is also becoming a great concern in as far as road accidents are concerned. Members of the public must learn to weigh out the pros and cons of making such long trips to avoid getting involved in accident.

People often take for granted the difference pulling over to the side of the road and resting for a few minutes can have on one’s safety. If the need arises, motorists are encouraged and invited to pull into the nearest community post or station and spend a few minutes to rest before proceeding.

Fatigue is one of the major contributors to road accidents and puts the lives of all road users at risk.

On the same note pedestrians must play their role. The road death toll stands at 19 compared to 20 for the same period last year. Over 10 of the victims have been pedestrians which is why the Fiji Police continues to remind pedestrians that they also have a role to play in road safety. Often drivers are the focus of awareness campaigns however the roles of pedestrians is also vital.

The Fiji Police is wishing everyone a safe and accident free weekend however that can only be achieve if we all play our part in keeping our roads safe.

Meanwhile a 24 year old man will be produced at the Tavua Magistrates Court this afternoon for allegedly murdering a woman in her Tavua home.

The accused has been charged with one count of murder and will be produced in court at 2pm.


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