Police in full force for back to school preparations


Police operations are now focused on ensuring the usual back to school rush is well contained and that the start of the 2013 school year kicks off to a good start for everyone.

As expected shoppers have flocked to major towns and cities to conduct their back to school shopping and as such police officers have been directed to keep tabs on criminal elements that may want to take advantage on not only shoppers but business operators during this time.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro said motorists are being urged to take all precautionary measures and be vigilant at all times. We want to avoid any accidents involving children ahead of Term 1.

This also applies for when school starts next week as our children will be travelling to and from school and as they have a tendency to be easily distracted while out on our roads or on board public transport, we need drivers to be extra alert near school zones and in particular in and around densely populate areas.

Naisoro also mentioned that they are also requesting parents and guardians to encourage their children to seek the advice of a teacher or Police officer if they encounter any situations in and outside of school hours.

“We are also requesting everyone’s assistance in making the last week of school holidays and enjoyable and incident free one for everyone and especially for our children,” she said.

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