Alleged Rape 

Police are investigating an incident where a man allegedly raped a woman after drinking session last Wednesday (30th July, 2014).

The 33 year old woman was invited by her father to accompany him to his friends place at Ritova Place for a few drinks. After a while, the victim’s father went to sleep leaving her daughter with his friend alone.

It is alleged the man grabbed the victim into the room and had sexual intercourse with her. The victim then reported matter to Police.

Investigation on the incident continues.


Children on the road 

Police are calling on all parents to be more vigilant when accompanying children on the road.

This call comes after a two year old girl was hit by a car on Sunday afternoon at Rovadrau Road, Nakaulevu, Navua. The victim was walking with her grandmother when she suddenly ran across the road.

She was hit by a passing vehicle and received injuries to her head, knees and foot.

She was conveyed to Navua Hospital in the same car and was later taken to CWM Hospital for further observation.

Police are calling on parents and guardians to be to on full alert when they are with children on the road as they are very unpredictable.


Concern on cane fires 

Police are concern at the number of cane fires being reported. As the crushing season is well underway, more crops tend to be destroyed by fire which is a matter of concern to all relevant authorities.

On Sunday afternoon (03rd August, 2012) a 50 year old farmer was at his home in Nasoso, Nadi when he saw smoke coming out from his sugar cane farm. With the help of others in the area, they managed to put out the fire but 50 tonnes of matured cane had been destroyed with an estimated value of $4,000.00.

In a separate incident, a 54 year old farmer was at his home at Wailevu Ra when he noticed his cane field was on fire. 300 tonnes of matured cane with value at $15,000.00 was damaged due to the fire.

Police investigation on both fires is continuing.


Missing Persons 

Police are appealing to members of the public on any information on Rasina Mere, a 17 year old form six student of Khalsa College who was last seen going to school last Wednesday and have yet to return.

Rasina is of medium built, 1.7m tall, has a fair complexion and has a short black hair. Likely places checked with negative results.

Police are also looking for 16 year old Arishma Suneha Khan, who went missing from her home on Sunday (03rd August, 2014).

Arishma has a dark complexion, has long black hair, slim built and has a height of 1.5 m.

The form four student of Tavua Secondary School was last seen wearing a blue dress.

Police are appealing to members of the public to contact their nearest Community Post or Police station if they have any information on any of the above two students who were reported missing.



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