Vilikesa Soko Investigation

Commissioner of Police Ben Groenewald says the investigation into the death of Vilikesa Soko has been completed.

The Commissioner says investigators are in the process of compiling the case docket before it will be forwarded to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on Wednesday. 

Alleged Fatal

A man in his early 30s is believed to be the country’s latest road fatality.

The incident occurred a little after 12 am this morning along the Sariyawa Road, Momi, Nadi.

The victim was travelling with three other passengers when it is alleged he fell asleep thus resulting in the vehicle veering off the road.

The vehicle tumbled twice before landing upside down. The other passengers sustained minor injuries and were treated at the Nadi Hospital before being sent home.

The road death toll currently stands at 36 compared to 25 for the same period last year. Investigations continue.







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