Police News Update 29.03.13

1. Taxi driver robbed


Police have received another two cases of taxi drivers being robbed.

Yesterday at around 4.45pm two unknown person hired a taxi from Kanace Road, Valelevu to Tovata, Makoi where they robbed the 22 year old taxi driver and left him behind.

They robbed him of $50.00 cash and mobile phone total value of $129.00.

The taxi was later found at Lami town.

In another incident two unknown person hired a taxi from Suva and robbed the 41 year old along Sakoca Road.

They robbed him of $45.00 cash, mobile phone and USB total value of $722.00.

Both drivers did not receive any injuries and investigations are continuing.

The Fiji Police Force is really concerned about the increasing attacks on taxi drivers.
Since January reports received of aggravated robberies against taxi drivers now stand at 21.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri is calling on drivers to take precautions at all times and be mindful of their safety especially this rainy long weekend.

He is also appealing to members of the community to respect service providers like taxi drivers as they are providing a service to the community.
2. Robbery

Police is concerned that now females are also being involved in robberies, yesterday six males and a female armed with cane knife and pinch bar have robbed a businessman of Bajpai Shop, Toko, Vatukoula.

They robbed him of $4200.00 cash and associated items total valued at $23,550.00.

The suspects gained entry by removing louver blades from kitchen window and cutting burglar grills.

Police is still looking for the suspects.

In another incident where a 29 year old female of Nawaka, Nadi was involved in burglary has been charged for a count of Burglary and theft has appeared in court yesterday.

Police is advising members of the communities if they are leaving their home vacant this long weekend to inform the nearest Community Post or Police station and inform their neighbors as well. 

3. Fire

In Vuna village, Taveuni a Virgin Oil Processing Centre owned by Origin Pacific Limited and managed by a 67-year old Vuna villager was completely destroyed by Fire.

Fire believed to be started from the bulk.

Estimate cost of damaged is around $120,000.00.

The bulk was not insured and investigations are continuing.


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