Police news updates: 21.04.14


Another alleged drowning case was recorded in the last 24 hours and the Fiji Police Force is pleading with members of the public to take extra precautions as the nation enjoys its last public holiday today.

The incident occurred on Sunday, April 20 at around 6pm at the Devodara Picnic Spot in Savusavu whereby a 34 year old school teacher of Savusavu died while swimming with friends.

Friends of the deceased attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful.

Police say that safety advisories will continue to be issued to the public for everyone’s safety however the onus is on every individual to comply

Meanwhile Investigations continue.

Police warn of parental negligence

Police are sternly advising parents to prioritize the safety of their children at all times.

This comes after the death of a 4 month of baby on Saturday, April 19 .The incidents occurred at Lomaivuna at around 11pm whereby the victim was sleeping at home with his 7 year old brother.

 It is alleged that the two siblings were left sleeping alone at home while both parents were out. Upon return of their mother at 11pm she discovered her 7 year old son laying on top of their 4 month old baby whose body was cold.

For this particular incident the initial police report revealed that the victim’s mother was attending choir practice while their father was at a neighbors’ house watching television.

Both parents have been cautioned interviewed and released.

 Investigators will also be looking into the issue of negligence.


 Over the Easter Long weekend Traffic Officers have been deployed all across the divisions adopting a zero tolerance stand on running offences.

As such a minibus driver was taken into custody on Saturday, April 19 a little after 11pm for allegedly attempting to bribe a police officer after he was stopped by a traffic operation team at the Votualevu roundabout in Nadi.

The suspect was stopped by the officer after he was seen dropping off passengers at the roundabout.

Upon the process of being booked the suspected offered ten dollars to the officer  and was later arrested and taken to the Namaka Police station.

 Director Traffic SSP Mahesh Mishra says traffic officers continue their operations today in an attempt to achieve zero fatalities on our roads over the long weekend and motorists must be aware this is being conducted for their safety and other road users, and such behavior will not be condoned.


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