Police reminds people of safety at sea

People going out at sea should be mindful of the weather and follow safety measures at all times.

This call comes after a 19 year old man of Yadrana Village in Lau left out fishing on Monday (12th May, 2014) afternoon and failed to return.

His family reported him missing at the Lakeba Police Station and search was conducted with a group of youths from nearby village.

Search was later called off due to rough seas.

After 24 hours, the victim managed to swim safely ashore and is currently been treated at Lakeba Rural Hospital for dehydration.

Police are calling out for people to take heed of the weather warning before they go out to sea and ensure they have safety devices they can use in case of any emergencies.


Man injures after fall

People travelling in any vehicle are advised to follow safety measures at all times. A 25 year old laborer of Labasa is now paralyze after he fell from a moving vehicle.

On May 05th, 2014 one Roneel, the Labasa Branch Manager of Waldsmith International was driving back to Labasa from Nabouwalu with the victim when they stopped at Vuniqari, Tabia.

The victim was getting off the vehicle when the driver suddenly drove off causing the victim to fall and sustained injuries.

The victim is currently been admitted at the Men’s surgical ward after suffering spinal injuries and the driver is yet to be located.

Man charge for distributing obscene video

A 25 year old industrial worker will be appearing at Nausori Court at 02.00pm today for distributing obscene video clips through mobile phones.

It is alleged that between October and December last year, the accused stole a Blackberry mobile phone valued $1499-00 belonging to the victim from his car while at work in Nausori.

He managed to unlock the phone and accessed through the directory where he saw a video footage of the victim and a woman having sex.

Accused then went and publically exhibited the footage to two of his other friends who knew the victim.

The 25 year old worker is charged with a count of theft, unauthorized access, and two counts of traffic in obscene publications.


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