Police News Updates 28.07.13

The 24 year old father alleged to have crushed his 4 month old daughter while she was asleep has been charged with one count of manslaughter.

Kami Namalo appeared at the Sigatoka Magistrates Court on 26/07/13 and was bailed with strict conditions.

The 24 year old is alleged to have slept on top of the deceased while intoxicated resulting in her death.

The case will be re-called  on the 2nd of August 2013.



A 38 year old man will be produced at the Nadi Magistrates Court tomorrow for allegedly using forged travelling documents.

The 38 year old accused was arrested on 24/07/13 at the Nadi Airport after Police received information that he had forged his name on his Fiji passport. The accused from Australia was in Fiji and information received from his wife from Australia resulted in his arrest at the Nadi Airport.

The accused has been charged with 2 counts of forgery and 2 counts of using forged documents and will be produced in court tomorrow.

The Criminal Investigations Department says other similar cases are being investigated whereby people have been using the identities and particulars of other people for other purposes.

This is particularly so for those who have criminal records in an attempt to travel or gain financially without attracting the attention of authorities. However people are being forewarned that attempts to do so will not be condoned as authorities will be keeping a close tab on the issue.



Four students will be produced in court tomorrow for allegedly raping an 18 year old student during a social gathering earlier this month.

The alleged incident occurred on 12/07/13 between 2000hrs-2330hrs in Kinoya. It is alleged the four students, two of whom aged 15yrs, a 16yr old and 17yrs raped the victim during a fundraising event.

The four will be produced in court tomorrow.

This incident is once again prompting the Fiji Police to issue fresh calls for parents and guardians to better supervise the whereabouts of their children and also know who they allow their children to be with.

Parents are being urged to know who their children associate themselves with and always cross check with their friend’s parents if they are aware of activities their children intend to have with their peers.

Often parents are caught unaware when incidents involving their children are brought to their attention; however we believe that better communication and understanding can avoid such incidents from occurring.

The Fiji Police cannot deny the fact that as children move through childhood and into adolescence, they are exposed to many factors which influence their attitudes and behaviors. These can be through their friends, school experience, various forms of media and the internet.

However we are still of the belief that the strongest influence occurs within the family setting and the impact of parental influence over our children is a major determinant over the decisions they make.

It has often been emphasized that everything starts from home, and we are stressing on parents and guardians to spend more quality time with their children teaching and helping them make decisions on choosing their friends, moderating the amount of time they are exposed to television and other forms of entertainment which are deemed not suitable for their viewing.

It’s no secret that the media influences a great deal of our children’s lives. From what they wear, how they talk, and the music they listen to, the media has more influence on children than most parents would ever want.

The Fiji Police has received reports and information whereby children in primary school are copying activities often deemed only for adults from what they’ve seen from the media. This is why we continue to call on parents and guardians to put in place better monitoring systems in as far as what their children are viewing.

Parents and guardians are also encouraged to talk about issues openly to avoid having their children’s behavior influenced by what they see. The messages that parents send to their children shape them in one way or another.

We have often stated that we can’t fight these issues alone as they deal with morality and is something that should be dealt with from home.


Despite the numerous advisories and campaigns, the issue of safety on our roads continues to fall on deaf ears.

This not only applies to drivers but to pedestrians also. Over the last 24 hours three serious accidents were recorded landing three people in hospital.

The first was recorded yesterday morning in Waimalika, Sabeto where a 43 year old allegedly bumped a 32 year old mechanic of Viseisei, Lautoka at around 0840hrs. The suspect who was intoxicated whilst proceeding to Lautoka bumped the victim who sustained injuries thus resulting in the 32 year old being admitted at the Nadi Hospital in a stable condition. The suspect remains in custody.

In the second incident a 28 year old man while driving along the Kings Road between Nadaro and Tobuniqio allegedly bumped another man at around 2140hrs last night. The victim was conveyed to the Nausori Hospital before he was transferred to the CWM Hospital.

The third incident landed a 32 yr old taxi driver of Lomaivuna, Naitasiri in hospital after the taxi he was driving was hit by another taxi driven by a 52 year old of Milverton Road.

It is alleged the suspect suddenly drove his taxi across the double solid lane along Edinburgh Drive at around 0045hrs this morning causing the accident.

The educational awareness on the issue of road safety has been carried out however both drivers and pedestrians are still taking the issue lightly. Police cannot protect every individual on our roads.

We will continue to issue the awareness messages and it is up to every individual to heed the advice or face the consequences of their actions which are either facing charges of traffic infringements, the pain of injuries sustained during an accident or in the worst case scenario the death of a loved one who is a victim of a road accident.

These are the likely scenarios one faces if they continue to disregard and take the issue of safety on our roads likely.




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