Police probe causes of dual fire cases

A one bedroom house in Tadevo, Navua was completely destroyed after it caught fire around midday on Sunday. The corrugated iron and timber house belonged to a 43 year old laborer. There were no injuries however the estimated cost of damages amounted to $20,000.00. Investigations continue into the cause of fire.

Meanwhile, investigations also continue into the fire which destroyed a three bedroom concrete house along Tomanu Road in Nadera at around 11am on Saturday February 14. It is alleged that the home owner was at home sleeping during the fire and managed to escape with no injuries.

Police are once again pleading with members of the public to be cautious of their surroundings and to switch off all electrical appliances and place flammable products in well kept storage areas.


4 year old survives road accident

A 4 year old is admitted at the Labasa Hospital after he was involved in a serious accident along Naqara in Taveuni around midday on Saturday.

It is alleged that the child ran across the road to meet his mother and was bumped by the rear of a taxi that was on the road at the time. He was later rushed to Waiyevo Hospital and transferred to Labasa Hospital after getting his stitches treated.

Investigations continue into the accident and parents are urged to remind their children of safety tips whilst on the road.




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