Police officers helped a woman deliver her baby


A group of Police officers returning from the Western Division assisted a woman deliver her baby by the road side in Naboutini, Serua.

The team comprising of officers from Suva and those returning from a year of duty in Liberia came across the distressed couple at around 12 midnight on Tuesday.

Also accompanying the group was nurse Inspector Emosi Veikoso who was in Nadi to conduct medical clearance for the group returning from Liberia.

Veikoso said they were coming back from Nadi, when they saw a car parked on the road side.

“We were driving towards to Suva, when we saw this car parked with the indicator on, I told the officers to pull over to see what was wrong,” he said.

Veikoso said the woman was having labour pains and it was going to be hard because they were far from the hospital.

“So I assisted the woman to take deep breaths, and assured the couples that everything was going to be okay as I could see her husband feeling uneasy, since he didn’t know that I was a nurse,” he said.

Due to the progress in labour, IP Veikoso had to assist the 30yr old mother of Naboutini deliver her 3rd child in the Police Mini Van.

“I managed to deliver the baby safely and with the husband’s assistance,” he said.

According to IP Veikoso, both mother and child were in stable condition, as they were transferred to Navua Hospital.




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