Police set up truancy team

The Central Policing Division has set up a truancy team to look into the issue of students found in town during and after school hours.

The truancy team is made up of a team of officers who will be patrolling the city of Suva looking out for the presence of school students in particular during school hours.

Some students have been seen in town and internet cafes during school hours and they are brought to the Central Police Station and enquiries are made with their respective schools and parents to verify the reason as to why they are not in school.

Similar action is taken with students who are seen in town well after 5pm where they will be escorted to the Central Police Station and the officers will contact their parents to verify their whereabouts.

This action has been taken due to the increasing number of students who are seen in Suva during school hours and well after 5pm daily.

A meeting has also been conducted between the Suva City Council and Police whereby internet shops operating within the Central Business District have been informed of the need to be aware of the young children and students coming into their premises late at night or unaccompanied.

A reminder has also been issued to the internet shop owners of the need to adhere to the provisions of their licenses and operate within the allocated hours.

The truancy team also comprises of a counselor who has been counseling students that have been found in town without a valid reason as some had been confronting personal problems.



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