Police still in search for the hit and run vehicle


Police are looking for the driver of vehicle registration FZ 645 that was involved in an accident landing a 30 year old woman of Lomolomo in hospital yesterday.

The accident occurred around 5.50 am yesterday morning at Navutu whereby the victim was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a 38 year old of Sabeto. It is alleged that the vehicle registration FZ 645 which was travelling in the opposite direction allegedly went onto the opposite lane resulting in the head on collision.

The victim is currently admitted at the Trauma Ward and the driver of the vehicle FZ 645 is yet to be arrested as he fled the scene.

While  in the second serious accident case recorded yesterday a 13 year old student of Tomuka is currently admitted at the Lautoka Hospital in critical condition. The victim who was crossing the road at the time of the incident was allegedly hit by a vehicle driven by a 26 year old along Vitogo Parade on Saturday at 12.30pm. The victim was conveyed to the Lautoka Hospital and is currently in critical condition. The 26 year old suspect is currently in police custody as investigations continue.

Meanwhile, Police have extended their search beyond Vanualevu for the driver who was allegedly involved in a hit and run case in Seaqaqa on Saturday. Police are calling on anyone with information that could help locate the vehicle and driver to contact 917 or their nearest community post or station.

A 30 year old laborer of Saivou village was found dead on the roadside at Nakabuta on Saturday morning as a result of the alleged accident.

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