Police Update- 22nd April 2013

1. Serious Accident

Two reports of serious accident were reported to police yesterday, firstly along Vatia Road, Tavua. A 31 year old mechanic of Tagitagi whilst over speeding lost control of the vehicle when he tried to avoid a pot hole as a result the vehicle tumbled and landed in the drain. The driver was carrying 4 passengers and 2 of them received injuries and are admitted at Tavua hospital.

In the second incident a 39 year old carrier driver of Nadele, Sabeto parked his vehicle along the road and later noticed the vehicle rolling backwards and he tried to stop it, in the process he got tangled on the right door and went under the vehicle and it rolled over him before landing in a nearby drain. The victim received injuries and is admitted at ICU Ward in stable condition.

2. Stabbing

A 23 year old of Weilagi village, Taveuni was stabbed during a drinking party with some of his friends in a vacant house.

Victim was conveyed to Taveuni Hospital and is admitted at HDU (High Dependency Unit) under observation. The victim received injuries of (8cmx6cm) and (3cmx2cm) on his back.

Investigations continuing.

Press Release

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