Police Update- 27th March 2013

1. Concern for taxi drivers

The Fiji Police Force is concerned about the increasing attacks on taxi drivers.

Since January reports received of aggravated robberies against taxi drivers now stand at 19.

The latest case reported yesterday is from Southern division where three unknown person hired a taxi from Valelevu to Tuirara and upon reaching Tuirara they robbed the driver left him at back seat and drove with the taxi.

They later drove the taxi to Vatuwaqa and once they reached Batiki Street they pushed the driver out of the taxi and drove away with the taxi.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri is calling on drivers to take precautions at all times and be mindful of their safety.

“I’m calling on the Fiji Taxi Association and the Land Transport Authority to help us deal with this matter, and look into the safety of taxi drivers in the country”.

“Dealing with this issue is no longer limited to the police, the Association needs to look at ways of ensuring that their drivers are safe and look at safety precautionary measures that can be put in place” , said Sokomuri.

“We want the operators to be aware that taxi drivers are now being targeted by opportunists and they need to know that this is one of the worrying crime trends.”

While some of the cases have been found to be properly planned, majority are carried out by opportunists who are caught in a situation who commit the crimes for a quick dollar.

2. Fake Notes
Another case of fake note was reported to police yesterday in Namaka where a 49 year old bank officer of ANZ received a $20.00 note with serial number DG 817315 believed to be fake.
The note has been seized for verification and investigations are continuing.

This brings a total of 11 cases of fake notes reported this year.
We are advising members of the public particularly businesses to be alert when handling money and report any suspicious transactions to your nearest police station or community post, or call 919 or 917.

Members of the communities and businesses are being warned to be careful with their transactions during this long weekend.

People who distribute these fake money usually do it on busy period like the upcoming long Easter Weekend.

3. Drugs

Police upon receiving information have arrested a 54 year old lady of Ba for cultivating Indian hemp in a plastic bucket beside her bathroom with other flower plants.

The suspect was interviewed under caution and released the plants are send for analysis.

4. Fire update

Nanuku settlement, Vatuwaqa the three deceased are Keshni Narayan 48years, Khusbu Narayan, 28years and Pramesh Nitin Narayan, 27years.

The post mortem on the deceased will be held today and police have commenced with the interview of suspect.



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