The Fiji Police Force is once again calling on members of the public to be cautious of who they deal with online. People must not be easily duped into quick rich scams nor accept such large sums of money.

 A 20 year old tertiary school student will have her case re-called in the High Court later this month after she was allegedly involved in an online scam.

 The accused has been charged with one count of possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime after she allegedly received more than $72,000 which was sent to her via internet banking by someone she had befriended online.

 It’s alleged the accused upon receiving instructions from her online friend then withdrew $10,000, of which $7,000 was later sent to several recipients in Nigeria.

 Upon investigation it was discovered that the money sent to her account was illegally transferred from an account in Australia.

 Her case was called at the Suva Magistrates Court on Tuesday 4th March and has been transferred to the High Court for the 21st of this month.

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