The Fiji Police Force is once again requesting members of the public to refrain from directing laser pointers at aircrafts.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji has again been receiving reports at the Nadi and Nausori airports.

Two cases have been brought to our attention on the deliberate and improper use of laser pointers in the vicinity of Airports being directed towards aircraft on critical phases of flight such as take-off, approach and landing.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji has brought this issue to our attention and the public is forewarned that pointing laser lights towards aircraft on approach to land or departing from an Airport could blind pilots and endanger the aircraft and passengers on board.

This is a serious breach of Fiji’s Air Navigation Regulations and is also a criminal offence. Any person who is caught pointing laser light to any aircraft could be charged under the Criminal Law and liable for prosecution.

The public is requested that in the interest of public safety, to:-

  1. Refrain from pointing laser lights towards an aircraft
  1. Report any sightings of any laser lights being directed at aircraft on approach to land or during its take off phase, to the nearest Police Station.


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