An investigation is underway following the alleged rape of a 16 year old student by 6 men. The incident was reported to the Rakiraki Police station on Tuesday, April 22 by the victim’s mother.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on Monday night when the victim was returning from her aunt’s place.

Three of the suspects are juveniles the youngest of which is a Class 8 student while two are form five students. The others are aged 35, 21 and 19 years.

It is alleged that two of the suspects had forcefully taken her from near the village church and led her to a small shed at a sugarcane field where the other four suspects had been waiting.

Following the alleged rape the victim informed her grandfather and an attempt to seek forgiveness by the suspects through a presentation of yaqona was refused by the victim’s mother upon which a report was lodged at the Rakiraki Police Station.

This is a serious case and investigators are currently questioning the suspects.

As previously stated the issue of curbing crimes against women and children is one of our main targets and all efforts are being directed towards this.

The continuous disregard for the respect for our women and children will not be condoned and those who think they can continue to carry out such acts of violation will face the full consequences of the law.


Police urges safety during school break

With the recent drowning cases involving children, Police are calling on parents to be more vigilant during this two week school break.

Chief Operations Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu said this will be a crucial week for Police Operations since they will be dealing with school children who will be enjoying their break.

He said Police have been issuing safety tips over the past few days due to our concerns about the safety of our children.

ACP Tudravu is calling on all parents to ensure that their children’s whereabouts are known at all times over the two week holiday period.

Parents and guardians are also being urged to ensure they plan something productive for their children to do at home so as to avoid them looking for things to do outside of their homes.

“For working parents please ensure that your children are left in the care of a responsible adult at all times and encourage constant communication” said ACP Tudravu.



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