Practice Fire Safety

Caption: NFA firefighters teaching the children about fire safety during their school visit to the Suva Fire Station this week.

Yesterday was the last school day for the second school term and the start of the school holidays.

Children will therefore be enjoying their school days at home. As children look forward to the school holidays, National Fire Authority (NFA) is again raising awareness in fire safety and the importance of fire safety to the safety of our children.

So far this year, our of the sixty-five (65) property fires, five fires have been caused by children playing with matches.

Therefore, the NFA is seeking the assistance and support of the parents in discussing fire safety at home with their children.

“Children must understand the dangers associated with playing with matches and other fire sources, especially, the dangers of a fire,” NFA CEO John O’Connor said.

“Last year, the lives of seven children were lost as a result of fires and we are thankful to the parents for their support and association this year, since we have not had a child’s life affected by a fire.

The NFA is also seeking the assistance and support of the parents in ensuring that the children are supervised by a responsible adult during the school holidays. Our fire trends in the last few years indicate an increase in the number of fires during the school holidays. Therefore, parent and guardians must be extra careful during this school holidays by ensuring;

●That matches and other fire sources are stored out of the reach of children.

●Flammable liquids must be stored safely and locked.

●Teach children not to pick up matches or lighters they may find. Instead, they should tell an adult immediately.

●Never leave children unattended near operating stoves or burning candles, even for a short time.

Mr O’Connor said with the school holidays starting on Monday, NFA has fire safety awareness programs for the children.




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