Pratap bids farewell


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SYDNEY, November 26, 2014. A sea of mourners united in grief to bid farewell to late Mr Dewendra Pratap at Pinegrove Memorial Park in Sydney earlier today.

Born on April 4, 1945, Mr Pratap spent most of his days at Narewa in Nadi before settling with his family in Sydney, Australia some years ago.

Mr Pratap was a very well-known personality in Fiji and it did not take him long to make many new friends in Australia. He was man of the people and his ability to share jokes with friends and family has left an everlasting impression on thousands of people. Mr Pratap’s friendly nature was something people grieved for during his funeral rituals.

While speaking on his father’s life, son Amendra Pratap said, many remembered his father for the hundreds of jokes and words of wisdom he shared with friends and family during his entire life.

“My father was a master storyteller. He gave us humour – the best gift ever, and could make people laugh in any situation,” Pratap junior said.

Master Pratap was a staunch NFP Politician in Fiji and also the secretary for Fiji Sanatan Sabha where he served with great passion during his days in Fiji.

He was also a great teacher and headed many primary schools in Nadi.

The normal Hindu rituals will be followed for the 13-days of ‘Geeta’ recital with the religious songs (bhajans and kirtans) as the public are invited to attend the prayer ceremony which will last till Monday, December 8.


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