Caption: Women of Marata village in Wailoku.

His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau visited the Melanesian community of Marata Village, Wailoku this morning with messages of hope and assurance.

Ratu Epeli said after his recent visit to the Solomon Islands, he placed it on his agenda to visit Fijians of Solomon Islands descent.

“I did go to the Solomons and met the Fiji community that were there and also met some of your relatives who were there,” HE Ratu Epeli said.

“So I have come here because I have wanted to meet you, you are part of the Fiji community; there is no two ways about that. We are all in this together and we will move from here together.”

Ratu Epeli reiterated the rights of all Fijians under the new Constitution to the members of the community urged the people to familiarize themselves with the laws.

“The Constitution states your status as Fijians and citizens. No one is left out and considered as outcasts and I want you to remember this that we are all counted as one.

“Whatever rights I have as a citizen, you have the same rights, no difference and I just want to make that clear to everybody,” Ratu Epeli added.

Ratu Epeli also placed emphasis on the need for parents to invest in the education of their children to reach great heights.

The members of the community were given the chance by His Excellency to air their grievances and were assured of Government’s commitment in addressing all issues.

Wailoku settlement spokesperson,  Jo Lovanua conveyed the community’s appreciation on the President’s first ever visit to the people and elders of the community.

Ratu Epeli was accompanied by Fiji’s non – resident High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands, Mr Romanu Tikotikoca and Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr Patterson Oti to two Melanesian communities; Wailoku and Kalekana settlements.


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