Holy Father,

On behalf of the multi-racial and multi-faith population of Fiji, I send our warm and sincere congratulations on the occasion of your succession to the seat of St Peter as Bishop of Rome and head of the Catholic Church in the world.

We in Fiji joined the rest of the Christian world in celebrating the appointment of the first Latin American Pope and hope that your tenure will be marked by a renewed focus on the struggle of the developing world to address the challenges of  poverty eradication, child mortality, education and gender equality amongst other issues.

We are aware of your work amongst the poor and marginalised in the Diocese of Buenos Aires and recognize and welcome your particular sensitivity to social problems and for ecumenical dialogue.

As you have requested in your first message to the world, we in Fiji will also be praying for you in the challenging task that awaits your Pontiff.

It is my honour to convey the sincere good wishes and prayers of the government and people of Fiji on this auspicious occasion.


Yours sincerely,

Josaia V. Bainimarama

Prime Minister, Republic of Fiji


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