Projects Abroad Turns 5 Years in Fiji


Projects Abroad Fiji staff has a reason to celebrate earlier this month as the Projects Abroad organization completes five successful years in Fiji.

Projects Abroad was established in 2009 with a few staff and a small office.  Building projects for International volunteers to participate in, has always been the organizations common goal.

Today, Projects Abroad has seven successful running projects within the country namely Teaching / Physical Education, Music and Arts & Craft (PEMAC),Medical, Care, Community, Animal, Sports, and Shark Conservation Project.  All in has become a success throughout the years and have attracted over 300 volunteers into Fiji.

Projects Abroad Manager Karishma Nandan describes how volunteers have become attached to Fiji.

“Since 2009, 1,000 plus International volunteers have graced our shores through Projects Abroad bringing their dedication to work with children and people of Fiji,” she shared.

“Apart from volunteers’ dedication towards our projects, they have contributed to our tourism industry by promoting Fiji as a home away from home.  We’ve had volunteers returning to Fiji with their families not as a visitor but more as a local returning home,” she added.

The Deputy Director, Mr Prashneel Goundar expressed his gratitude towards the hardworking team.

“We have achieved a lot and grown immensely within our 5 years of operations in Fiji and it has been hugely due to the perseverance of the whole Fiji team. Our dedicated staff has been motivated and each month set up new projects and placements,” he shared.

“Until 2011 we largely focused on teaching and care volunteers which has now expanded to animal care projects as well as medical projects. In January 2014, we open our doors to conservation projects with help of various partners and the tireless effort of Country Director Ms Ingrid Sprake and Project Manager Mr. Andy Hill,” Mr Goundar added.

Mr Goundar concluded by highlighting the growth in number of volunteers throughout the years.“In 2009, we had total of 50 volunteers, however since 2013 our average number of volunteers per month is 40 and we have already got 385 volunteers booked for 2014.  In less than 5 years of existence, a total of 1,458 volunteers have given their time to Fiji through Projects Abroad and we are only continuing to become bigger and better.”



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