Projects Abroad Fiji, a UK volunteering organization based in Matintar, Nadi continues to help local schools along the Nadi – Lautoka corridor. This week volunteers from a total of 8 countries including Britain, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, United States, Denmark and Norway have come together to do repair works and repaint the play area for the kids at Lautoka Central Kindergarten in Lautoka. Projects Abroad has over the years brought in more than 1000 volunteers to Fiji who have participated in different Projects including Teaching, Care, Sports, Community and Nutrition.
“Part of our aim in doing monthly community days is to ensure Fiji kids are provided with a safe and nurturing environment that ensures conducive learning” adds Claire Diane Giraldeau, the Country Director. “In line with our Nutrition Project, our volunteers will also be planting a vegetable garden at the Kindergarten and finishing off the day with a zumba exercise, all in our efforts to encourage healthy living and regular exercise with kids in our local school” says Ms Giraldeau.
It is expected that a total of more than 40 international volunteers will converge at Lautoka Central Kindergarten School on the 24th of July to take part in this monthly Community Day. The program will start at 11.30 am

Maika Raisilisili
Project Coordinator


Press Release

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