Pure Fiji is proud to be a sponsor of the Mua Voyage; where four voyaging canoes the Marumaru Atua of Cook Islands, Va’a Gaualofa of Samoa,Uto ni Yalo of Fiji and the Haunui of New Zealand will make a historical voyage to Australia taking messages of the resilience of our people, our oceans in relation to climate change.

Pure Fiji will supply all 48 crew with bath and body care products for their journey which include 49 litres of Shower Gel, 49 Litres of Body Oil, 6 Litres of Sunblock, 6 Litres of Aftersun Gel, 48 Gifts for Crew and 12 Gift Packs to be given away to dignitaries, community leaders etc. in Australia – total value of donations amounting to FJD$11,000.00.

Pure Fiji has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Uto ni Yalo of Fiji since its inception in 2010 and continues to support its participation, and affiliated Pacific partners, through the Mua Voyage. This sponsorship continues to emphasise one of the company’s important philosophies; Cultural and Social Sustainability by helping communities maintain their way of life and traditional

About Pure Fiji:

Pure Fiji’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate offices are located on a two-acre property in Suva, capital of the Fiji Islands. The Pure Fiji complex boasts an internationally renowned Day Spa, Health and Wellness Centre, Yoga, Pilates and Fitness studio, as well as a herb, spice and vegetable garden.

Additionally, attached to the main building are two solariums, one for the drying of all the factory, Spa and Wellness Centre linens, and the other for botanical leaves and spices used in products and therapeutic Pure Fiji is the only cosmetic manufacturing company in the South Pacific and passionately advocates premium natural products while respecting the Fijian people, culture and environment.

Pure Fiji’s sustainable manufacturing practices help support several villages and funds schools, health care, nutrition and basic infrastructure for hundreds of people in rural Fiji.

Pure Fiji exercises good conservation practices to maintain a minimal carbon footprint in the manufacturing and distribution of their products. All exports are carbon offset, all packaging is bio-degradable, and all products are also grey-water safe.


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