Recruits clean hospital

As part of strengthening relationship with the community, a group of police recruits spent the whole day yesterday cleaning the compound of the Wainibokasi Hospital.

The recruits were also assisted by their instructors as they mowed the lawns, cleared blocked drains, scrubbed the floor and mend the fences.

The 147 recruits enjoyed the day as they were ably led by the Fiji Police Force’s head of Academy Superintendant Hare Jione Pene.

Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said such an initiative undertaken by the Police officers should be supported by local residents who are served by the hospital.

Mr. Sokomuri said that cleaning and maintaining a clean and healthy environment of a hospital is very important. He added that the recruits were being reminded of their responsibility as citizens in looking after and supporting services provided by government.

In the evening the recruits were divided into seven groups and visited seven villages in the area conducting awareness programs.







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