Resilient businessman vows to fight on


Nadi businessman Mohammed Faruk whose shop, Cake World was also affected by the fire from the clothing outlet in the town’s main street on Sunday night is  keen on getting back to business despite of financial constraints and constant losses due to natural causes.

Speaking to The Jet Newspaper, Faruk said the shop suffered severe damages by the two floods  earlier last year and now the fire has once again brought things back to square one for him.

Cake World owner Mohammed Faruk pictured during happier times.

Cake World owner Mohammed Faruk pictured during happier times.

“Our shop has being really going through a hard time as we completely lost everything in the floods that happened last year and now we lost half of our things in the fire,” he complained.

Although the shop was not completely destroyed by fire, it was affected by the flames from the next door that partially burnt the shop.

Despite the financial problems, Faruk said he is keen on having the shop back in operation this year.

“We are trying to fix the damages and want the business to start running again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police and National Fire Authority are still conducting investigations to find out the cause of the fire which has claimed the life of a 38-year-old carpenter while the 51-year-old businessman who owned the clothing shop “Hizz & Herz” is still in hospital with 75% burns.


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