Fiji Roads Authority wants to reassure the public, especially those living in more remote rural areas, that work is proceeding as quickly as possible to repair damage caused by the recent rainy weather.

FRA chief executive Neil Cook, said “The rain was heavy, it was widespread and it continued for a long period of time. This means the road network has suffered across Fiji, but especially in the rural areas where a lack of gravel and a history of poor drainage maintenance combines to make some roads impassable”.

Road inspectors are now assessing the damage and programming works to repair the damage to roads, bridges and crossings.

“We want to assure everyone that no road is being forgotten and we will get there soon, but the extent of the damage means we can’t be everywhere all at once,” Mr Cook said.

While some damage will take a while to repair, Mr Cook observed that the initial response to getting access reinstated was pleasing.

“I commend the contractors who worked around the clock to maintain and re-establish access during and after the rain event, now the challenge is to get the road condition improved to be more resilient to weather events of this nature, ”Mr Cook said.

“In the urban areas pothole crews are out in force to get on top of all the new potholes that have appeared after the week of wet weather.

“As everyone in Fiji knows, the condition of the roads means that after extended wet weather we see a lot of new potholes appear. The immediate response is to get them repaired properly as soon as we can, that means focusing first on the main roads and areas that are a major safety concern, and then moving progressively into the roads with less traffic volume”.

The FRA encourages people who have a specific safety concern about a road to contact the FRA on 3100114 or through the website at <>

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