CAPTION: Ms. Litiana Seabuta stresses point during the Public Consultation in Rakiraki.

The Director National Substance Abuse Advisory Council Mr. Misaele Driubalavu believes there are still improvements that need to be patched before the finalization of the Draft Volatile Substance Abuse Decree.

Reacting to comments and suggestions posed by members of the public and representatives from the Rakiraki Police Station, Mr. Driubalavu said there is still room for improvement on the Daft Decree.

Rakiraki Police Station representative Ms. LitianaSeabuta questioned the Police Procedures under the Draft Decree of interview when a child is taken into protective custody.

“Police procedure is that police cannot question a child when taken into custody unless under the guidance of their lawyers, parents or guardians. In the case of this decree what must we do?” asked Ms. Seabuta.

“I must admit we need to take into account other relevant provision in the Child Welfare Decree and other relevant legislations to ensure there is no contradictions and or confusions,” said Mr. Driubalavu.

In addition Ms. Seabuta  recommended that a penalty be provided to a child who is a frequent offender.

“Under this Draft Decree a Child who is a victim is only liable to compulsory counseling, any child who knows this can abuse this particular clause of the Decree. What if the child is the offender or or trafficker, is he or she still protected under the decree or also commits an offence? So I propose that compulsory counseling only for a first or second offender and penalty for the continued offences.”

In addition the Officers recommended that security in schools needs to tighten up and the regular bag checks to ensure students are not carrying any of these substances for intoxication.

Meanwhile the consultation will continue today until 4:30pm at the Shiu Raj Building in Rakiraki before moving to the Ba Town Hall tomorrow.



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