Rotary provides expert careers advice

CAPTION: Rotary Club of Suva North President Ms Jinita Prasad. File Photo.

Close to 50 professionals representing fields ranging from accounting, law, aviation, engineering to medicine will converge at Yat Sen Secondary School (YSS) this evening for the Rotary Club of Suva North (RCSN) annual Careers Night.

“The Careers Night at YSS has been part of our annual calendar of events, a community project that aims to counsel and guide students in Form six and seven in choosing the right career upon graduating from high school,” said Jinita Prasad, President of the RCSN.

The list of professions was compiled by the school based on students’ top three preferences of the career they wish to choose.

“Our Rotary Club then sourced the relevant resource people who would be able to provide the right advice and insights to students in these fields,” said Ms Prasad.

“A typical session would start with a briefing followed by mock interview sessions with students individually as if they are applying for a position in university or for a job.”

“Students get first-hand experience on how interviews are conducted and also receive advice on how to present themselves and prepare their CVs. Another hour is put aside for general advice on the profession that students have chosen mainly focusing on what to expect once they enter the workforce,” she said.

The RCSN has been encouraged by the support from individuals outside the club who will also be taking their time out in order to be a part of this project. Professionals from well-known organisations such as Fiji Airways, Fiji School of Medicine, Vodafone and International organisations will be participating in this event.

The RCSN is quite proud to be carrying out another successful Careers Night at YSS and over the years, the club has used the feedback from the school and students to further improve this service to the community.

The Club believes this is a great way of further developing and strengthening its community through education and job creation.

“We want to achieve this by ensuring the future leaders of our country make informed career decisions,” said Ms Prasad.

The programme this evening starts at 5.15pm and ends at 8.00pm.


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