Caption: Ambassador Kamlesh Arya. 

The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji and its members had been in prayer with the Nation since the hostage taking of the Fijian Peacekeepers stationed at Golan Heights by Syrian rebels and welcomes the news of their release.

“It is indeed a very welcoming news and thanks to God Almighty for creating an enabling environment during the process of the negotiations,” said Kamlesh Arya, the Media Relations Officer.

“The Sabha Also expresses its deep appreciations to all agencies and individuals who were engaged in the negotiations with the Syrian rebels for the release of our soldiers. The Sabha welcomes the safe release of our gallant sons in Fijian Army who had enlisted for the Peace Mission in the strife filled foreign country, stated Mr. Arya.

“The Sabha prays for the safe return of the soldiers back home.”

“Whilst the hostage taking of our soldiers had shocked the Nation and brought anguish to families, the Sabha believes that the incident should strengthen our resolve to continue being part of the international efforts to bring peace in war torn nations,” stated Mr. Arya

“Whilst the families rejoice in union the Sabha prays that the hearts of the Syrian rebels are filled with lasting peace,” said Mr. Arya.

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