Sacrifice Finally Pays Off


“Do not look down on yourself; you can be anything you want to become. Remember that at the end of all your struggles is a reward”.

This was the message from Police Constable 5180 Viliame Kapaiwai who today joined 153 newly passed out recruits after successfully completing their 6 month basic recruit course.

From pushing wheelbarrows on the street trying to fend for his family, Constable Kapaiwai today stood proud amongst his peers as he joins the noble profession of being a police officer.

During the pass out parade the 22year old lad from Matuku, Lau held his Wheelbarrow Boy ID close to him as a symbol of how far he had come in life and to prove to others that anything was possible with the right combination of determination, honesty and hard work.

Kapaiwai said he never dreamt that he would wear the police uniform especially as his life had always revolved around the streets as a wheel barrow boy, however he said he was determined to pursue any opportunity of employment that may come his way.

“I completed form seven in Suva Grammar School and soon after my partner got pregnant so I had to provide for her. I went to the streets to become a wheelbarrow boy so that I could financially support her as it was very hard to find a job”, recalls Constable Kapaiwai.

Constable Kapaiwai said he struggled for four years as a wheelbarrow boy but he was determined to fulfill his family’s needs and earn money. Feeling determined he decided to try his luck when he read about the intake for the Fiji Police Force that was published in the Fiji Times in July this year.

“I read about the recruit and the requirement was Form Seven pass so I knew that this was my opportunity so I decided to attend and I was optimistic about getting a place”.

Kapaiwai was given that opportunity to join the Recruit Course and he has never looked back since, even when the training proved too demanding at times during the 6 month period.

An elated Kapaiwai said life as a wheelbarrow boy gave him the courage to overcome all aspects of training in Nasova. He thanked the Lord for giving him the opportunity to provide a better life for his family and also acknowledged his wife and mother for their patience and understanding during their difficult times.

Present at the passing out parade was his immediate family as well as his extended family from the Wheelbarrow Boys Association.






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