Traffic Management Controllers for Fulton Hogan Hiways have urged drivers approaching road repair workers sites to slow down drive carefully and follow the road signs.

“Often our teams are working in the centre of a busy road and their only protection are what we call enclosures, cones strategically placed to route traffic safely around the work site,” said John Tinsley, Fulton Hogan Hiways Health and Safety Training Manager.

“In addition to the enclosures we place signs that advise drivers of the speed limit needed to keep the work sites safe and in situations where we must close one lane of a two lane road, we have a traffic controller who through a start and stop sign ensures an orderly movement of vehicles in both directions.”

Mr. Tinsley said that there have been reported instances of drivers who have ignored the warnings, speeding through a worksite, putting both themselves and the workers in danger.

“With the cooperation of the public we can continue to maintain our excellent road safety record but please be aware that we are working in a high risk environment so we all must be cautious.”

He said that Fulton Hogan Hiways is working closely with the Fiji Road Authority and the Government to improve the road network in the Central, Eastern and Northern Divisions and safety is paramount in its efforts.




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