The Saunaka Rugby 7's club officials with major sponsors Mc Donalds and Sahabud Dean Transport Limited

The Saunaka Rugby 7’s Club which is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Nadi had a historic timely boost from their sponsors yesterday.
McDonalds, who were sponsors of the team’s jerseys which were worth $1950, also presented them with $1000 cheque to help the Saunaka team financially.
Marc McElrath, Mc Donald’s Development Partner said they are very delighted to have been one of the major sponsors for the club and to invest in the boys.
“Since the Fiji 7’s national team featured most of the boys form Saunaka village from the past till now, we plan to start investing in the club from grassroot level”, said McElrath.
He added since most of the village boys are unemployed, this sponsorship will help them not only in wearing the Saunaka jersey but representing our national one day.
Head Coach Ponijesa Lutuciri said this is the first ever sponsorship the club has received ever since establishment and they are very thankful to the sponsors of making it happens for the club.
Together with this, the club received $2000 worth of muscle vests from Hydra Sports Fiji, transportation worth $3000 by Sahabud Dean Transport Limited and $2350 total registration fees for the five major 7s tournaments which are the Nawaka 7s, Marist 7s, Red Rock 7s, Martintar 7s and Coral Coast 7s.
With a total sponsorship of $10,300, the Saunaka 7’s rugby club hopes to mark at the Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s with kicked off today.

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