Over the past months many clean up campaigns were carried out at Saweni beach. A fair amount of money and time was spent in cleaning up the most valuable stretch of beach for the citizens of Lautoka.

However a few people continue to dump garbage and burn it killing many of the plants, including the valuable plants that were planted there recently.

In order to save Saweni beach from such harm a sustainable program is to be carried out. The purpose of this program is to create a sense of ownership and a pride towards Saweni beach among the children and youth of Lautoka.

It is hoped that in the future the children and youth, who are the future leaders of Fiji, will be responsible for the protection of the environment of Saweni beach. This attempt is in line with the ongoing climate change and Disaster Risk Management activities of the western division.

On Friday, the 13th of November yet another cleanup campaign will be carried out. This time by the Green Scouts Movement: The Green Scouts movement is a new attempt to create enthusiasm among the children and youth towards environmental protection.

The protection of Saweni beach from erosion, replanting of mangroves, restoration of the sea grass beds and corals are some of the attempts of this movement.

Approximately 150 Green scouts, together with the Department of Education, the Western Division Commissioner’s office, the District office of Lautoka and Yasawas, the Department of Environment, Ba Provincial Council, the Fiji Scouts Association, the iTaukei Land Trust Board and Lauwaki village will make yet another attempt to restore Saweni beach as a valuable site for recreation and relaxation for the children, youth and the people of Lautoka.

We hereby invite all citizens to join us on Friday, the 13th of November at 8.30am. at Saweni beach.

For further information: Dr. (Mrs.) Ajantha Perera-, mobile 9056161


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