SC Fiji Welcomes Two New Centres in the West

Save the Children Fiji (SC Fiji) is now facilitating two new Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres leading to a total of 10 supported centres in the Western Division.

SC Fiji Vuli Taumada Shishak Project Manager, Barbara Ratabacaca, said the two new centre communities, Korobebe and Navilawa, approached the project to assist in facilitating the ECE centres.

“After we were approached by the communities, we performed a community needs assessment.

Various factors like population size, number of children, demography, history of the community and access to essential services are looked at to fit the scope of the project,” she said.

A Community Education Committee member and Manager of the Navilawa centre, Iliesa Tiqe, said he is very happy that the centre will be facilitated by SC Fiji.

“We have a lot of children in our community which is why it is very important to have an ECE centre,” he said.

Ms Ratabacaca added that the project works towards ensuring that children at ECE level of informal and disadvantaged communities have access to education and also gain ease of transition to primary level by providing quality ECE.

SC Fiji’s Vuli Taumada Shishak Project is located in economically disadvantaged communities in the three districts of Fiji – Central, Western and Northern.


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