“Sharing information for the better”

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority’s implementation of ASYCUDA World, an upgrade of the Customs’ Information Technology system should improve efficiency and more importantly trade within Fiji and the region.

Authority Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jitoko Tikolevu said the system will reduce operation costs, enhance integration and collaboration between trading partners and reduce clearance time.

“More importantly, ASYCUDA World will improve security and revenue compliance. We will eliminate fraudulent practices because whatever is seen in another country will be seen in Fiji,” Mr Tikolevu said.

“For example, an importer would not be able to evade customs duties and tariffs by falsely declaring goods.”

His comments come as the Authority’s offices in the western division celebrated International Customs Day.

The theme of this year’s International Customs Day is “Communication: Sharing information for better cooperation”.

The theme is not only important for Customs but the whole of FRCA,” Mr Tikolevu said.

“Communication and information sharing is very important as we work towards collecting our $2bn target this year.

Mr Tikolevu said while border control was the role of FRCA, it was necessary and vital that the Authority worked with its partner agencies to ensure the safety of our borders and citizens.

“Risk profiling is critical in our work at our border. However, we will continue to engage other border agencies to ensure our border is safe.

“Information sharing of course is important for better cooperation.

“Seizures at our borders are possible because of this.”





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