The students and staff of Burebasaga District School in Wainibokasi were blessed when Vodafone’s Shiu Nandan donated educational books to them. Shiu had brought in books whilst his travel abroad and also did a book drive with his Vodafone colleagues to boost his collection. With the support of the staff and his own collection he managed to deliver more than 100 books to the delight and appreciation from the students and staff. The donation came at a right time when the school is under maintenance and is need of all the support they can get from the community.

 Reminiscing his school days, Shiu highlighted that the school has always been used as an evacuation center in times of natural disasters. His family was one of the many to take shelter at the school during hurricane Bibi, he said. Shiu said that, “it is a great feeling to be able to give back to the community and to that the same school where he studied”. The donation is part of the Vodafone ATH ‘Hands-Up’ Initiative that allows the staff to go beyond their normal day schedule in giving back to the community. The books were delivered at the school by staff of Vodafone Fiji; Shiu Nandan, Ambalika Kutty and Ben Lutua and Fozia Muktar.
The head teacher of Burebasaga District School, Mr. George Seruiratu thanked Shiu and Vodafone for their kind support.  “The books donated will certainly help with the educational progress of the students”, he said.
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