Qauia volleyball club members receive their donation from Minister for Youth and Sports Mr Viliame Naupoto at the FNPF Dolphin Plaza today.

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Viliame Naupoto donated sporting equipment to members of the Qauia Volleyball Club in Suva this morning.

The club consists of 14 shoeshine boys from the surrounding suburbs in Suva who are preparing for the upcoming FBC Marist Volleyball tournament.

Mr Naupoto handed over two volleyball balls, a net, whistle and pump to the boys at the FNPF Dolphin Plaza.

“Sport has been regarded as an agent for Social Change and it has multiple effects in people’s lives and in any nation,” said Mr Naupoto.

“These unemployed boys need to be supported so they can engage themselves in regular sports activities and tournaments and be distracted from other activities that deter their prosperity.”

“I’m wishing them well in the upcoming tournament and I’m also urging them to get registered with the ministry as a youth club so they can be entitled to further empowerment trainings and assistance in the future,” added Naupoto.

Club president Noatoga Tikomailepanoni Leweni said; “We are so grateful for this timely donation and it will really help us in our preparations for the coming tournament.”

“We have had having training matches in Qauia and we feel that we will are contemplating moving to Raiwai to have more exposure and training later this week or next week as the place is known for volleyball.”

“We don’t have a regular volleyball court in Qauia and we hoping one will be constructed in the area or in Lami so youths and budding players can be engaged in and utilise the facility apart from wandering aimlessly and involve in other illegal activities,” Leweni said.

He added that they will consider minister’s advice and be registered so they can be entitled to further assistance and also be recognised by other youth stakeholders.



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